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Trump or Clinton, what will either result mean for “the special relationship”?

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With less than 24 hours remaining before the US election results, we are seeing almost daily updates from both sides of the debate hurling yet more abuse at their opponent.

There seems to be a worrying lack of substance in what either candidate is actually saying. Every debate held between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been merely showbusiness, lacking depth and simply providing a platform for meaningless soundbites. While it may provide entertainment for some, it is a real concern for myself and my fellow British employers that there is such a narrow margin between the two candidates and every possibility that Trump could be the next president of the United States of America.

As a Democrat supporter, I hope that Clinton wins the vote on 8th November, but even Republican backers must acknowledge the dangerous global ramifications if Trump is in power. The UK’s special relationship with the US would almost certainly be under threat, and our government would be forced to ask itself whether it even wants to be closely associated with somebody who upholds the beliefs that Trump has so proudly boasted during recent months.

When the electoral campaign first began at the start of this year I was closely monitoring the situation to see if there were ideas, pledges and incentives that could inspire UK policy, but I can honestly say that not one suggestion has been announced by either candidate that merits thorough analysis. Headline-grabbing ideas like building a wall in Mexico seem to have taken centre stage and it is a disappointing missed opportunity to push forward-thinking principles that could be adopted here in Britain.

Given the ongoing tentative economic environment here in the UK, it would be comforting to see more stability from our close neighbours. As we continue to reel from the shock decision on the EU referendum, I hope that the US is not about to go through a similar trauma in the event of Trump gaining the most votes. He is a loose cannon and the ramifications of his presidency would not only shock the UK but arguably the whole world. I would urge my fellow British business owners to monitor the situation closely and continue to operate with caution during these challenging economic times.”

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